23rd Annual Sports Day at Pioneer College of Arts and Science

Pioneer College of Arts and Science organised 23rd Annual Sports Day on 1st June, 2022 at its Jothipuram campus. Several sports events were held during the past weeks leading to the finale on Sports Day. Faculty and students from all four houses enthusiastically participated and competed for the top spot.

Mr. S Shrikumaravelu, Trustee of Pioneer Trust, and Managing Partner Tekmak Industrials, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest of the day. Dignitaries participated in the Annual Sports Day 2022 event include Mrs. Suguna Deverajan, Founder of Pioneer Trust,  Mrs. Aparna Rajkumar, Managing Trustee and Secretary of Pioneer College of Arts and Science, Mrs. Aishwarya Rajkumar and Mr. Kiran Rajkumar, Trustees.  All faculty members, staff, and students were part of the celebration.

The awards, medals and certificates were awarded to the winners by the Chief Guest and Trustees.