The Research

Coordination Committee

The activities of the Research Coordination Committee of the college are co-ordinated by a senior faculty from PG and Research department of Computer Science. This team focuses on formulating strategies and ideas for promoting research culture in the college. This team also identifies the avenues for research and motivates the faculty and students to accomplish the same.

Examination Committee

Under the supervision of the Principal, the examination committee conducts the Examinations in an efficient and systematic manner. They take care of scheduling the CIA examinations, the collecting of the question papers for internal examinations, making seating arrangements and proper conduct of the exams. Besides the centralized continuous internal assessment examination, they ensure the smooth conduct of the End Semester Examinations – theory and practical. They constantly review the system with a scope for improvement and attend to the grievances of the students and staff related to examinations.

Admission Committee

The Management of the college has constituted the Admission Committee under the leadership of the Principal. The Admission Committee is entrusted with the objective of admitting students to all the programmes offered by the institution. To achieve the above, they look after various activities such as preparation of budget for admission campaign, organizing brand promotional activities, participating in educational expos and enhancing the sale of applications.
The Library

Advisory Committee

The Principal of the college has constituted the Library Advisory Committee with an aim to formulate policies regarding the procurement of Books and Journals and forward suggestions to the Management representatives which in turn facilitates the purchase of books. The committee prepares the annual budget proposal for the purchase of new books to the library. They also cater to the needs of the staff, monitor the problems of the Library users, and send recommendations to the Management.

Discipline Committee

This Committee is formed with the convenorship of Vice-Principal, which is responsible for strict discipline in the college. The erring students are brought to the Principal and the Committee strictly warns them against bad behavior and actionis is taken if the Management is not satisfied with their behavior.

Advisory Committee

The Sports Advisory Committee is formed with the convenorship of the Physical Director who is responsible for the conduct of intra-mural and inter-collegiate tournaments, conduct of one university game every year, conduct of Sports Day, etc. The Committee advises to help the students who excel in sports financially and academically.

NSS-Advisory Committee

The four units of this college are actively involved in regular activities and special camp activities. The Committee headed by Senior NSS Programme Officer, takes steps to draw programmes for the units and implement the programmes successfully in the villages. The Committee also offers suggestions in the matter of social, economical and financial aspects

Magazine Committee

The Committee with the help of the Convener is in charge of bringing out the copy of the college magazine every year. The Committee invitesarticles in the form of prose, poetry, short stories and drama and consolidates them into a beautiful magazine towards the end of the year. The students also contribute articles of different types to strengthen the college magazine.

Calendar Committee

This Committee is responsible for collecting all the information selected to the college calendar like vision, mission, objectives, quality policy, the programmes offered, the names of the faculty members, administrative department and all the facilities available in the college.
Faculty Grievances

Redressal Committee

This Committee receives a form of grievances duly filled in by faculty for redressal. The Convener discusses the grievances with the Principal and the Management and finds solutions for the grievances. Some of the grievances are related to transport facilities, individual room facilities and the furniture.

Counselling Committee

Both faculty and students have problems of personal, academic and psychological nature. Hence, the Committee arranges for a series of psychological lectures by a psychologist in the college. This committee counsels students who are affected by issues such as depression, family problems, and exam fears or stress.