B.Sc Visual Communication


Visual communication is one of the most relevant and exciting topics in recent years. As part of visual communication training, the Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication will give candidates the knowledge they need to work in this field. Media management, television production, media trends, international media, etc. are interesting areas that learners would like to specialize in.


The three-year BSc Visual Communication, or “Viscom,” undergraduate program seeks to offer an insightful perspective on a broad range of topics, including writing, advertising, film and video production, animation, drawing, multimedia, graphic design, web design, and photography.

Career Opportunities

You can pursue the following careers after earning a BSc in Visual Communication:

Graphic Designer 

Web Designer  

Graphic Illustrator


Video Editor


In addition to the positions listed above, you can consider the following roles:


Film Production

Creative Writing

Fashion Designing


Video Editing

Production Assistant

Event Manage