Secretary's Message: It is better to suffer a decision taken than to suffer to take a decision, In the former you progress; In the latter you stagnate

Founder Trustee

D/o Cavalier Sri G.K.Devarajulu Naidu, Coimbatore.

Daughter-in-Law of Sri.G.R.Govindharajulu Naidu, Coimbatore.

Born on 2nd November 1944 at Coimbatore.

PUC at Nirmala College.

Served as Hon.Treasurer Guild of Services for 30 years.

Served 2 years as Hon.Magistrate at the Jervenile Delingent Home.

President of Ladies Circle No.1, Coimbatore.

Served as Executive, The Coimbatore Pioneer Mills Ltd for 15 years.

Schooling in Stanes Higher Secondary School.

Married in 1963 to Sri.G.Devarajan.

Member of Women Voluntary Service.

Founder and Hon.Secretary Ladies Circle of India.

Served as Managing Director, Chandra Textiles for 10 years.

Director of GR Govindharajulu & Sons Charities for 30 years.

Founding Trustee of Pioneer Trust, Coimbatore.

Vice President of Association of Self Financing Arts and Science and Management Colleges of Tamilnadu.

Vice President of Association of Managements of Private Education Colleges, Coimbatore Region.