Pioneer Computer Labs

Pioneer College of Arts and College has five computer labs equipped with servers and computer systems. Over 300 systems are available for the use of faculty and students. The labs are connected to fibre based broadband internet service with Gigabit Ethernet routers and switches. A number of UPS (uninterruptible power) systems support the computing devices in the computer labs, library, departments and other facilities in the college.

The lab systems help train the students in multiple Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux), Development tools (.Net, LAMP suites, etc.), Python tools and libraries (for Big Data and AI), Relational Databases (Oracle, MySQL), NoSQL databases, Cloud architecture and migration tools, Office Productivity tools, Financial Accounting software systems, Graphics design and web development tools.

The computer labs at Pioneer College of Arts and Science are used extensively by the students of B.Com, B.Com. (CA), B.Com. (PA), BCA, B.Sc. (CS), and B.Sc. (IT) , and M.Sc. programmes to meet their curricular and add-on course requirements.

The computer labs are open late in the afternoons / evenings for the benefit of students engaged in projects and research work.

Start Your Computer Science and Applications Career with Pioneer College.